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With Coal Here For A Long While, Carbon Capture is the Best Path Forward

Coal is against the ropes and gasping for air. And the industry’s most viable path forward is to look to technology. And that’s exactly what it is now doing, given that it has garnered bipartisan support for legislation that would finance new carbon capture projects through tax credits. Coal, of … Read more »

FEMA to Require States to Examine Climate Risks

FEMA to Require States to Examine Climate Risks

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will soon require states to examine the impacts of global warming on their communities as a condition for receiving federal disaster preparedness funding, according to draft guidelines released by the agency earlier this month. States hoping to get federal funding for disaster preparedness must conduct … Read more »

Global Warming Threatens Organic Coffee

Global warming has created the worst outbreak of leaf-rust fungus in 30 years for organic coffee growers throughout Mexico, Central America and parts of South America, according to Bloomberg. Farmers can use chemicals to kill the fungus, though they risk losing their organic certification if they do. Humid conditions and … Read more »

US Coal Exports Aiding Global GHG Emissions

As the US shifts its emphasis to natural gas power plants and exports its coal to other parts of the world, it may be simply moving the potential for greenhouse gas emissions to another country, according to the Associated Press. The multi-billion dollar fossil fuel trade has thrived under the Obama administration. … Read more »

IPCC Report: Rising Temps, Oceans Increase Firms’ Risks

IPCC Report: Rising Temps, Oceans Increase Firms’ Risks

Global warming is “unequivocal” and humans are turning up the heat — but more slowly since 1998, according to a report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released today. Each of the last three decades has been warmer at the Earth’s surface than any previous decade since … Read more »

Climate language gap

Companies Can Bridge Climate Language Gap

The war of words is getting heated as the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change prepares to launch a key report, detailing global warming predictions, in Stockholm next week. Climate-denying groups have already launched counter attacks to what they see as alarmist findings. As Allister Doyle at Reuters points out, … Read more »

Policy & Enforcement: Ecuador Opens Park to Drilling, New Small Hydro Laws, ExxonMobil Leaked Pipe

Ecuador approved Yasuni national park oil drilling in Amazon rainforest after a conservation plan that attempted to raise funds from the international community failed to raise enough funding to keep out oil developers. President Rafael Correa signed an executive decree for the liquidation of the Yasuni-ITT trust fund. The fund … Read more »

Policy & Enforcement Briefing: Keystone Study, Ethanol Decision, Chemical Threats

The heavy bitumen crude that the Keystone XL pipeline would carry is no more likely to cause pipeline leaks than other crude oils, according to a National Research Council report released yesterday, Reuters says. The finding is a major boost for the pipeline’s backers. In his widely anticipated climate speech … Read more »

Policy & Enforcement Briefing: Obama’s Big Plan, Efficiency Bills, Cap and Trade

Policy & Enforcement Briefing: Obama’s Big Plan, Efficiency Bills, Cap and Trade

In a video address, President Obama announced that he would make a major speech tomorrow to outline his plans for combating global warming. Politico reports that the plan will address carbon limits for both new and existing power plants; an expansion of renewable energy production on federal land; and efficiency … Read more »

Americans Want Climate Change Preparation, Don’t Want to Pay for It

An overwhelming majority of Americans want to prepare to minimize likely damage caused by global warming-induced sea-level rise and storms, but most citizens want people whose properties and businesses are located in hazard areas – not the government – to foot the bill for such measures, according to a survey conducted … Read more »

Democrats Canvas Walmart, NFL, Apple on Climate Change Strategies

Congressional Democrats’ Bicameral Task Force on Climate Change has written to Google, the NBA, the NFL, Walmart, Wells Fargo, the Clinton Global Initiative and more than 300 other organizations to canvas their opinions on combating global warming. The letter, which was also sent to companies including Whole Foods, Target, Ford, … Read more »

Policy & Enforcement Briefing: Wind PTC, Plastic Bag Ban, BP Penalty, Shipping Fuels

President Obama stumped for an extension to wind energy production tax credits at the facility of wind turbine blade manufacturer TPI Composites in Newton, Iowa. An extension of ten years is estimated to cost $4.1 billion, the Des Moines Register said. The Los Angeles city council has voted to eliminate … Read more »

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