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How to Green Product Manufacturing

Manufacturing can cut CO2 emissions and costs by following five tips on making the product manufacturing process greener, reports Greener Ideal. Reduce waste: If possible, choose a material where you can reuse the waste material, either melting it down or using it in another product. Reduce product parts: This reduces … Read more »

Leveraging Manufacturing, Part II

My last article began to dig into the leveraging discussion and started to elaborate on this topic using an example. The example was  from a recent paper from our research group at Berkeley and focused on an important aspect of vehicles and transportation – the gear train. The efficiency of … Read more »

Tools of the Manufacturing Trade, Part VI

More Comments on Software In my last article, I posed the question, “Suppose you want to take some action – either at the design end or the manufacturing end. What tools can you rely on after you’ve done the background work and now want to move on to execution?” The … Read more »

Tools of the Green Manufacturing Trade, Part 4

Building the Green Manufacturing Pipeline In a recent article, I discussed the concept of “ubiquitously green” as we were getting into the green manufacturing subject in greater detail. I cited Miriam Webster (aka “the dictionally”) for a definition of ubiquitous as “existing or being everywhere at the same time;  constantly … Read more »

Leveraging Manufacturing for a Sustainable World

I recently attended a conference on high performance manufacturing in Gifu, Japan, focusing on a variety of technical advances to push manufacturing ahead in the face of increasing competition, rising costs, difficult-to-process materials and changing requirements due to advanced product designs. A sub-theme of the conference was energy efficient manufacturing. … Read more »

Greenwashing in Reverse: Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Whenever I am thinking of what would be a good topic around which to build the next posting, I never have to wait long till something pops up. This time…the peculiar intersection of celebrity and the environment. Maybe you did not see this (it was hard to miss if you … Read more »

Data Collection for Energy and Resource Monitoring

I mentioned in my last article that I was attending a manufacturing conference in Italy the end of August and that there was a lot more discussion about some aspects of green and sustainable manufacturing – at least efficient use of energy. This is supported by business surveys and comments … Read more »

Greening the Supply Chain, Part 3

Greening the Supply Chain, Part 3

Our supply chain discussion started with some basic definitions of what is included in a supply chain from a manufacturing perspective, and then added what would be green elements for consideration. Last time I referred to Interface Carpets as a leader in sustainable business development because they have a corporate … Read more »

Manufacturers: Beware of ‘Greenwashing’

There are a number of companies already addressing some of the green manufacturing challenges … and there are many who are not (yet). Andy Warhol said “Art is what you can get away with.” Ditto for advertising. Unfortunately also ditto for much green advertising. According to Wikipedia greenwashing is “a … Read more »

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