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Policy & Regulatory Briefing: Renewable Funds, EPA Review, Belo Monte Dam

The House appropriations subcommittee on energy and water yesterday passed a bill that cuts renewable energy funding by 27 percent to $1.3 billion, or $1.9 billion below what Obama sought in his budget, the Hill reports. The panel’s bill cuts $97 million for solar power, $46 million for fuel-efficient vehicle … Read more »

Policy & Regulatory Briefing: Fracking, Energy Acts, and EU Moves to Cut GHGs

Democrats and Republicans are blaming different parties for the cost of gasoline, which lingers near the $4 per gallon mark, Market Watch reports. On Tuesday, House Republicans released a report that said the Obama administration has stifled domestic oil and gas production. The report criticised proposed restrictions on the natural gas-drilling … Read more »

House-Approved Budget Blocks EPA Rules

The federal spending legislation passed by the House of Representatives early Saturday morning included a slew of amendments blocking funds for the Environmental Protection Agency. The package cuts billions of dollars from the EPA’s budget, and includes an amendment sponsored by Texas Republicans Ted Poe, Joe Barton and John Carter, … Read more »

GOP Seeks to Block GHG Regulation Funding

House Republicans on Friday continued an assault on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), introducing spending legislation that would prohibit the agency from regulating carbon dioxide emissions. The continuing resolution (CR) would also cut funding for energy and climate research, ClimateWire reports for the New York Times. The CR would fund … Read more »

Senators Seek to Halt GHG Regulations

Senators of both  parties have proposed bills that would prevent the federal government from regulating greenhouse gases (GHGs). Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) introduced a bill that would stop the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) directly regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, as the EPA is now attempting to do. … Read more »

Bill Would Reverse EPA Mining Decision

A bill filed in the House of Representatives this week would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from retroactively vetoing water permits as it did earlier this month with one of the nation’s largest mountaintop mining operations. The bill introduced by Rep. David McKinley (R-WV), with bipartisan support, also aims to … Read more »

Climate Bill Impact on Ag Becomes More Clear

Some farmers would benefit from the House version of the climate bill by being paid to plant trees, while the fresh fruit and vegetable industry likely would face higher production costs. Under the House plan, from 2015 to 2050, about 85 percent of revenue from agricultural-related carbon offsets would come … Read more »

U.S. Must Pursue Low Carbon Development

Todd Stern, State Department Special Envoy for Climate Change, testifies at the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on “Copenhagen and Beyond: Is there a Successor to the Kyoto Protocol?” Stern says that developing countries will be resistant to setting emissions targets because they feel that more developed countries created the … Read more »

Green Energy Execs Implore Congress for Sweeping Climate Change Bill

More than one-hundred green-energy company executives went to Washington, D.C.,  this week to urge members of Congress to pass a sweeping climate change bill, reports Mercury News. Clean-tech entrepreneurs and investors believe a bill that includes a cap on carbon emissions will help drive billions of dollars in clean-energy investments … Read more »

Emissions Traders Oppose Senate’s Limits on Carbon Credit Imports

Restricting cheap carbon credits that can be imported from poor countries in a proposed U.S. cap-and-trade system will drive up costs for consumers, according to the Geneva-based International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), reports Bloomberg News. The Senate Democrats proposal cuts the offset limits in half to 500 million tons per … Read more »

With 20% Target, Senate Climate Bill Draft Tougher on Emissions

Forthcoming climate legislation in the Senate may outdo the House effort, which called for 17 percent emission cuts from 2005 levels by 2020 and 80 percent cuts by 2050. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, which is expected to release its version of legislation Sept. 30, will call for … Read more »

Oil Refiners and Farmers Lobby for Climate Change Concessions

It’s a tough road ahead for the U.S. climate bill in the Senate. So far, oil refiners and farmers as well as a leading trade group are expressing their dissatisfaction with the climate legislation recently passed by the House of Representatives. Major oil company Royal Dutch Shell is urging the … Read more »

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