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Can Nuclear Fusion Get A Gust Of Wind With Trump’s Supposed Support?

Can Nuclear Fusion Get A Gust Of Wind With Trump’s Supposed Support?

If there is an ideal energy form, it is nuclear fusion. But the technology is one of those that is always within reach but still so far away. With that, though, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says that it is advancing the ball, as is a group of nations hard at work trying to build the first fusion reactor before 2035.

GE logo

GE Commits $7.5 Million to Low-Carbon Tech, Joins MIT Energy Initiative

General Electric is joining Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s energy research hub and donating $7.5 million to its efforts to develop low- and no-carbon energy technologies. GE says its work with the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) will focus on solar energy, energy storage, electric power systems, and carbon capture, utilization and … Read more »

industrial plant emissions

Climate Policy Is Coming. Is Business Prepared?

Businesses can expect stricter carbon pollution regulations coming soon — and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, according to some. We saw this reasoning explained in companies’ briefs supporting the EPA’s Clean Power Plan last week, with major tech firms Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft, along with Ikea and Mars … Read more »

carbon pricing

Carbon Pricing Beats Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards

Currently planned fuel economy standards (extended to the year 2050) would cost 10 percent of the economy’s global gross domestic product (GDP) in 2050, compared with only 6 percent under cap-and-trade carbon pricing, according to a study published in the Journal of Transport Economics and Policy. The study was conducted … Read more »


Making Treating, Recycling Fracking Water More Economical

A process to make hydraulic fracturing, or fracking water-neutral, by making treating and recycling contaminated oilfield water more economical, is under development by MIT spinout Gradiant Corporation. MIT News reports that Gradiant says the cost-effective water treatment system will save millions of gallons of water — and millions of dollars … Read more »


Benefits of B2B Exchange for Water in Energy Production

Sourcewater, an MIT spin-off, has issued a research report detailing the immediate and long-term benefits available to the unconventional energy production industry through the use of a web-based marketplace for buying and selling water. Sourcewater is the world’s first online marketplace for sourcing, recycling and disposing of water in the … Read more »

Fracking May Face Severe Water Competition

Fracking May Face Severe Water Competition

Hydraulic fracturing companies working to develop shale gas may encounter intense competition for water, as 38 percent of the world’s shale resources are either under extremely high water stress or facing arid conditions, according to a report by the World Resources Institute. The report ranks water stress across the 20 … Read more »

Study: Cutting Emissions Could Pay for Itself

Money saved on health care spending related to carbon emissions could be 10 times what it would cost for policy implementation, according to research conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and published in Nature Climate Change. Researchers compared health care and other costs related to carbon emission-related illness to the costs of … Read more »

Lean and Green Can Be Profitable

As manufacturers around the world adopt lean manufacturing and cut down on raw material consumption, energy usage, environmental waste and pollution, they are learning that eco-friendly practices can be profitable, according to Ensia. John Quarmley has learned this. Quarmley started Highwood USA in Pennsylvania as a company with sustainable manufacturing practices … Read more »

MIT: UN Climate Talks Likely to Fail

Talks at next year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris are unlikely to result in the goal of slowing climate change and keeping global temperatures below two degrees Celcius, according to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as reported by The Hill. The MIT study examines the … Read more »

Green Fleet Roundup: Honda, Nissan, London Cabs, Ford

Rossi Honda of Vineland, NJ, has become the US’ first and only dealer to achieve “electric grid neutral” status. This means the dealership produces as much as or more energy from renewable sources than it consumes from its local electric utility over a one-year period. Honeywell has entered into a supply … Read more »

Water Stress to Affect 52% of World’s Population by 2050

Some 52 percent of the world’s projected 9.7 billion people will live in water-stressed regions by 2050, MIT researchers say. The researchers used the MIT Integrated Global System Model Water Resource System (IGSM-WRS) to evaluate water resources and needs worldwide. The modeling tool also allowed researchers to measure how climate … Read more »

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