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E-Commerce Giant Lazada Joins Movement to Tackle Plastic Pollution

E-Commerce Giant Lazada Joins Movement to Tackle Plastic Pollution

Lazada, an e-commerce giant in Southeast Asia is yet another entity that adopted World Environment Day’s Beat Plastic Pollution theme. The website offered all visitors a list of suggestions that could substitute for single-use plastic items like plastic bags, cups, straws and even diapers. Lazada’s presence spreads across Singapore, Malaysia, … Read more »

Historic Sites in India including Taj Mahal Vow to ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’

Historic Sites in India including Taj Mahal Vow to ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’

The Taj Mahal is among 100 monuments in India that will go litter-free in a bid to beat plastic pollution in the city of Agra and beyond. The move comes in conjunction with World Environment Day on June 5 and is part of India’s participation in the Beat. Major global corporations like Coca-Cola are also engaging in the campaign.

EPA Releases Environmental Mapping Tool

The Environmental Protection Agency has release EJSCREEN, a web-based mapping tool that will give communities environmental and health information across the United States. The tool provides high-resolution maps showing nationally-based demographic and environmental information designed to give users a better understanding of environmental issues in a particular area. While EJSCREEN … Read more »


London’s Diesel Drivers Face Higher Costs

A proposal floated by London Mayor Boris Johnson would charge drivers with diesel-powered vehicles an additional fee in an effort to curb pollution. The extra charge would be similar to the existing £11.50 ($19.48) congestion charge levied against drivers in London. The proposed charge for diesel vehicles is part of … Read more »

Unlikely Pesticides Found in Alaskan Fish

Alaskan fish are showing traces of pesticides that likely were never used in the state, according to new research. A study by the National Park Service found the chemicals in fish at three Alaska parks — Lake Clark National Park, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Katmai National Park. The contaminants … Read more »

open pit mine

Mining Operators Can Avoid Pollution Issues With Controlled Mine Closures

Mining companies can reduce costs and increase efficiency by managing mine closures, rather than handing over the process to government agencies, a mining hydrologist with Schlumberger Water Services said during a presentation to the Northern Nevada section of the Society for mining, Metallurgy and Exploration. Mining hydrologist Geoff Beale says … Read more »

Use Electronic Descalers to Prevent Pipe Buildup

Electronic descaling is a proven method to prevent harmful buildups in pipes in an environmentally sound manner, reports Pollution Engineering. Buildups can harm the operations of any number of industries and affect many different types of equipment including boilers, heat exchangers, chillers or any type of water-fed apparatus. Oil wells, … Read more »

Water Companies ‘Largest, Most Frequent’ Beach Polluters

The UK’s 10 largest water companies, including Thames Water and United Water, are the “biggest and most persistent” polluters of the country’s beaches, according to an investigation by The Observer, The Guardian’s sister newspaper. Despite being punished more than 1,000 times between them for pollution violations in the last year, the … Read more »

Clothing Brands Must Lead in Bangladesh

The New York Times reports a seldom-discussed facet of Bangladesh’s garment-sector boom: widespread air and water pollution. After April’s factory collapse that killed 1,129 workers, outrage focused on working conditions in the country, which is the world’s second biggest clothing exporter after China. Apparel giants sourcing in the country include … Read more »

Supersized Crabs Bulking Up on Carbon Pollution

Carbon pollution from power plants, factories and vehicles is settling in the ocean — and supersizing crabs, lobsters and shrimp, The Washington Post reports. But while these crustaceans bulk up as they absorb CO2, high levels of carbon cause oysters to grow slower. In the Chesapeake Bay, where crabs eat … Read more »

Public Environmental Concern at ’20-Year Low’

The economic crisis and a lack of governmental leadership on green issues has driven concern about the environment among citizens around the world to 20-year lows, according to a multi-country poll by research consultancy GlobeScan. Participants in GlobeScan Radar were asked how serious they consider each of six environmental problems: air pollution, water pollution, species … Read more »

69% of Voters Support Tier 3 Pollution Standards

69% of Voters Support Tier 3 Pollution Standards

A majority of voters — 69 percent — supports the EPA setting stricter standards on gasoline and tighter emissions standards for cars, SUVs and trucks, according to the American Lung Association’s latest survey. The telephone survey of 800 registered voters found a 2-to-1 majority (62 to 32 percent) support the … Read more »

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