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Local Opposition Affects Approved Biofuel Plant

In 2014, the United States Departments of the Navy, Energy and Agriculture awarded a $70 million grant to Red Rock Biofuels for the design, construction, commissioning and performance testing of a new biofuel refinery.  The biorefinery is planned for Lakeview, Oregon, close to the Fremont Nation Forest and the intersecting … Read more »

Engaging Local Communities for a Smooth Tidal Power Entitlement Process

Last month, the efforts of Tidal Lagoon Power, Ltd., to build the world’s first tidal lagoon progressed through a new phase in the United Kingdom’s entitlement process, bringing the South Wales project one small step closer to fruition. Following the conclusion of a six month examination period, the panel is … Read more »

Why Conducting a Poll for Your Renewable Project Will Save You Money

After being in the public affairs business for nearly twenty years, it still amazes me how few developers and companies use random sample polling when launching a public affairs campaign to gain support for projects.   A random sample poll allows for developers to inquire into popular opinion in order to … Read more »

The Real Cost of NIMBYism

All over the world renewable energy projects are being delayed or stopped entirely due to the NIMBY or “not in my backyard” phenomenon, this is a case that often involves people in communities who stall developments in their areas due to a variety of reasons. NIMBYism is not limited to the … Read more »

The 12 Months of NIMBY

NIMBY (or “not in my backyard”) opposition is often formed to keep large scale projects out of communities. Opposition is common in  industries such as landfills,  quarries, chemical plants, and major power lines. In recent years, the battlefields are spreading to renewable energy industries like wind farms, solar energy, and … Read more »

Avoiding Delays on Your Clean Energy Project Can Save Time, Money, and Effort

When planning a new clean energy project, a company is expected to juggle many concerns. Between getting all the permits approved, getting the right equipment, and hiring the right people, it seems like hiring a public affairs firm is the last thing on a company’s list of concerns. After all, … Read more »

Initial Announcement Is Key to Success for Clean Energy Projects

When a clean energy project is in its early stages, there are many factors that can make or break an announcement campaign. What is your company trying to achieve? Who is the target audience? By what means will the message be conveyed? What is your plan to build public support … Read more »

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