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Textile Company Saves Water, Money with Wastewater Recycling System

A water recycling system will help Tri-Star Dyeing and Finishing meet pollutant limits for its discharged water effluent — an environmental challenge that had cost the Santa Fe Spring, California-based fabric-dyeing company valuable time and money for years. Tri-Star is installing an Econity water recycling system at its facility after … Read more »

California ‘Ready for Recycled Water’

California ‘Ready for Recycled Water’

California residents are overwhelmingly supportive of using treated wastewater, or recycled water, in their everyday lives, according to a statewide survey released today by water technology provider Xylem. The survey defined recycled water as former wastewater that has been treated and purified so that it can be reused for drinking … Read more »

Dow wastewater reuse

Dow’s Wastewater Recycling Partnership Closes the Resources Loop

Water, says Dow’s Niels Groot, “sits at the intersection of necessity and scarcity. Since we do not have a replacement for water, we’ve got to focus on the scarcity side of the picture.” In an effort to reduce freshwater use at its largest chemical facility, Dow partnered with Evides Water … Read more »

irrigating grapes

Is Recycled Oilfield Water Safe for Crop Irrigation?

Some 50,000 acre feet of recycled oilfield wastewater is used to irrigate about 90,000 acres of crops in California’s Central Valley, one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions. But is this produced water safe for use on food crops? A newly formed panel aims to answer this question. “There … Read more »

wastewater treatment

‘Toilet-to-Tap’ Wastewater Recycling Takes Off as Water Supplies Shrink

Recycled wastewater has been used for decades to irrigate crops, golf courses and landscapes. Now, with water scarcity affecting growing areas globally, more communities are looking to turn treated sewage into potable water — and this creates a huge opportunity for companies including Dow Chemical that provide toilet-to-tap technology. “Communities … Read more »

Cone Bottom Tanks

Wastewater Processing Using Cone Bottom Tanks

Enduramaxx says its Cone Bottom Tanks can help companies reduce their water use while processing and recycling grey water. As well as being used as a storage tank, Cone Bottom Tanks allow companies to collect used water and to separate particles and impurities, enabling water to be re-used for non-human … Read more »

CH2M Projects Win Global Water Awards

Two CH2M projects — a water treatment plant and a wastewater recycling project — have received 2015 Global Water Awards. The Region of Peel’s Lakeview Water Treatment Plant, located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, was named the Water Project of the Year for its 400,000 m3/d phase 2 expansion project (known … Read more »

Proceco Eco-Smart Helps Company Attain Zero Waste After Parts Cleaning

Proceco, which manufactures aqueous metal parts cleaning and surface treatment equipment, has helped RH Sheppard attain zero waste after parts cleaning, reports Product Finishing Magazine. RH Sheppard, an engineered products company wanted to double its wastewater processing capabilities. It replaced an obsolete and energy-consuming evaporator with a Proceco Eco-Smart MVR … Read more »

Applied CleanTech

Applied CleanTech’s Wastewater Recycling Goes Global

Applied CleanTech says it has finalized its pilot program with Veolia France, Mexico and Alberta in implementing its sewage recycling system (SRS) technology globally. On average, each person produces 60 gallons of waste per day, ACT says. The sewage mining company’s technology and process turns wastewater into raw materials for … Read more »

Scottish Water

ACT Wastewater Treatment Cuts Operating Costs, Recycles Waste

Applied CleanTech’s sewage recycling technology for wastewater has helped a UK wastewater treatment plant lower its carbon footprint and emissions and is expected to reduce operating costs between 20 percent and 30 percent. ACT announced the results of a pilot project conducted with Scottish Water — the first installation of ACT’s sewage … Read more »

Study: Vegetables Irrigated With Human Wastewater Can Absorb Drugs

A study of vegetables irrigated with treated human wastewater has revealed that some vegetables may build up drug concentrations that exceed safe exposure levels, according to Chemical and Engineering News. The study, conducted by soil scientists at Hebrew University, showed that carrots and sweet potatoes in particular can accumulate an … Read more »

Standards & Compliance Briefing: Bonsucro, E-Waste Auditing, Water Reuse

Amyris has joined Bonsucro, the world’s leading sugarcane sustainability standard. Amyris is the first advanced biofuels and chemicals company to join Bonsucro, which will lead to the certification of its renewable products. The Bonsucro Production Standard is used to assure buyers and suppliers that sugarcane-derived products meet sustainability indicators such as energy … Read more »

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