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Emerging Technologies in LearningWhat’s the future of workplace learning? While there is no sure silver bullet, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), gamification, and social learning are all promising new ways to help improve learning comprehension and retention.UL EHS Sustainability
Embrace Big DataCompanies worldwide are working to improve their sustainability and environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance and accurate data management has become a crucial and rapidly growing business requirement. Investment in data management systems is one the fastest growing areas of many companies’ EHS and sustainability spending.UL EHS Sustainability
Six Steps to Navigating EHS & ComplianceThe majority of companies now use some kind of EHS management software platform to monitor their EHS performance, with the trends towards a more integrated approach to ensuring compliance.UL EHS Sustainability
Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards 2016Each year since the inception of the Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards program, the range and quality of the entries has risen. With the bar set high, the pool of 2016 entrants did not disappoint. The community of providers continues to address the rising demand for cost-effective solutions to address complex environmental, sustainability, and energy management challenges. And end-user organizations are becoming more creative in applying the available solutions to get real results.Environmental Leader
Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards 2017Each year since the inception of the Environmental Leader Product and Project Awards program, the range and quality of the entries has risen. With the bar set high, the pool of 2017 entrants did not disappoint. The community of providers continues to address the rising demand for cost-effective solutions to address complex environmental, sustainability, and energy management challenges. And end-user organizations are becoming more creative in applying the available solutions to get real results.Environmental Leader
EHS Special ReportSpecial Report: EHS Management - A Look Forward to 2018Environmental Leader
Right On TimeWhy Businesses Need Quality Management System SoftwareGensuite
Achieving Digital Transformation through Operational ExcellenceBusiness is not as usual in the age of digital transformation Competition. Data silos. Antiquated operations. Download this eBook for insights from over 500 global executives about how they are attempting operational excellence and the challenges they’ve encountered along the way. Progressly
9 Ways Mobility Enables Companies to Streamline Daily OperationsFor many organizations, going paperless can be a scary leap, but the benefits of going digital are large and numerous: -30% to 50% process improvement/productivity gains -3 to 10 times improvement in turnaround times -Virtual elimination of "lost" documents -Vastly improved customer experience Download this whitepaper to learn how converting your paper-based operations, such as safety inspections and audits, can reduce costs and improve efficiencies both on the field and in the office.Progressly
[Datasheet] Track and Manage Field OperationsProgressly is in the field with leading Energy and Chemical companies streamlining operations and digitizing manual, paper-based tasks in ways that significantly reduce manual errors and risks.Progressly
Wake Up To The Future of Work - Operational Performance ManagementThe workforce needs greater transparency and better accountability; systems are still antiquated/archaic and not equipped to provide visibility into process performance. Updating and reinterpreting the core tenets of Operational Performance Management for the cloud era provides firms with an effective framework going forward.Progressly
5 Reasons To Make the Switch from ScantronDownload this whitepaper for a breakdown of the costs and benefits when switching from scantron to a digital solution.Progressly
6 Things to Consider When Deciding Whether to Build or Buy SoftwareBuilding your own software has its merits and advantages and commonly won the “buy vs. build” debate in the past, but the advent of cloud computing has changed the fundamental rules and laws upon which this debates has relied.Progressly
How to Unsilo Your EHS DataEnvironmental health and safety management has changed drastically over the last few decades, with the focus shifting from compliance towards: - Reducing operational risk - Driving operational excellence - Reducing costs - Streamlining business processes EHS professionals wear multiple hats within their organization. Download this eBook to learn how to take action by piecing together your data from all your systems and improving your bottom line. Progressly
Zero Waste To LandfillWhat is Zero Waste To Landfill? At its core, zero waste-to-landfill is exactly what it sounds like: diverting all wastes from landfill disposal.Covanta Environmental Solutions
Waste and Climate: Reducing Your FootprintWhen it comes to addressing climate change, we normally think of carbon pollution from power plants, cars, and heating our homes and businesses. However, how we manage materials and waste has a big impact on the climate.Covanta Environmental Solutions
Is Energy-From-Waste Worse Than Coal?The reality is that Energy-from-Waste facilities are not only cleaner than coal, but represent an important tool in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions from landfills and serve as an important source of carbon mitigation in the process.Covanta Environmental Solutions
Top 10 Steps for a Successful EMIS Project Leaders at large enterprises know that gathering and disseminating information about environmental, health, and safety performance can lead directly to improved financial performance. Smart companies use a standardized, enterprise-wide environmental management information system (EMIS) to manage their environmental and sustainability information. This report will help companies follow the steps that will increase their likelihood of success down the road.Sphera Solutions
Strategies for Managing Emerging RegulationsIn the EHS world, nothing stands still. If you’re not setting a new vision or goals for the function, you’re continuously improving your programs for hazardous materials storage, wastewater treatment, or chemical management. Based on in-depth interviews with corporate EHS&S executives and industry consultants, this report offers concrete recommendations you can use to audit, build, or strengthen your EHS compliance management program.Sphera Solutions
Real-Time Data as a Foundation to Drive Sustainability PerformanceAsset-intensive companies are finding that the pursuit of sustainable operations requires a bottom-up approach, supported by a real-time data infrastructure. This white paper is a collaborative effort between Sphera and OSIsoft that addresses key challenges with respect to sustainability performance and real-time data.Sphera Solutions
Powerful Byte - Strategies to Ingest, Digest High-Frequency DataHigh-Frequency Data collection in Environmental, Health & Safety reporting can be a thing of beauty for companies that have the proper systems and solutions in place—or it can be an albatross for those organizations that aren’t properly prepared to handle the vast amount of data being generated. This white paper explores key challenges with managing high-frequency EHS data and ideas for instituting robust Environmental Accounting processes organization-wide.Sphera Solutions
Run an Efficient EHS Audit Program - A How-to GuideInternal audit teams are increasingly asked to execute more with less. Audit planning exercise becomes a balancing act between the organization’s limited audit resources and the long list of priorities laid out by the board and its audit committee. Chief auditors and their senior staff are now relying on integrated audit solutions that help manage the full audit lifecycle from beginning to end, including audit planning, execution and wrap-up. So,how exactly do get started with running an efficient EHS Audit program?Sphera Solutions
Incident Management 101Learn how to create a safer workplace through better hazard identification, incident response, investigation and corrective actions.VelocityEHS
NAEM 2016 Software Selection GuideOffers EHS professionals an incredible resource by helping you frame the business case for a software implementationVelocityEHS
Office Ergonomics ROI eBookThis ebook highlights ways to reduce workplace injuries & improve performance.VelocityEHS
Ergonomics InfographicDownload our infographic and learn the benefits of web-based ergonomics training.VelocityEHS
NAEM 2016 Trends ReportLearn more about the key issues that are on the minds of corporate environment, health and safety and sustainability leaders.VelocityEHS
Lean & Safe: Integrating Safety Management and ProcessThis white paper clarifies why, for safety professionals, the best path to ending the perceived conflict between safety and productivity is not victory, but making peace.VelocityEHS
Leveraging EHS Software in Support of Culture ChangesLearn about the best practices in EHS and Sustainability management that strive to influence the culture at all levels of an organization and the role EHS systems can play in that effort.VelocityEHS
The QEHS Guide to Operational ExcellenceAs companies grow, efficiency and consistent execution of operations often become the defining factor in sustaining growth and profitability. Modeling other market leaders, many companies implement operational excellence programs designed to uncover inefficiencies for improved performance. One problem commonly revealed is the negative impact of managing quality and environmental health and safety (EHS) in separate “silos.” This white paper will investigate why integrating quality and EHS is key to achieving operational excellence, and provide practical tips for using technology to promote operational excellence objectives.EtQ
An Insider’s Guide to Selecting an Environmental Health and Safety Management Software SystemIn today's dynamic and demand-driven market, the need to implement enterprise technology to keep pace with rapidly evolving operational, production and compliance environments is key to success. With a high demand and a large vendor landscape, it sometimes becomes difficult to discern which systems provide the greatest value and guarantee a successful implementation. In this white paper, learn about best practices when selecting a software vendor, pitfalls to avoid, and specific considerations when selecting an enterprise EHS solutionEtQ
EHS Risk Management Guidebook: A Practical How-To GuideAcross many industries, problems with collaboration and data analysis present roadblocks to effective risk management. Common difficulties include ineffective cross-departmental collaboration, disparate data systems that don’t talk to each other and inefficiency of archaic systems. This guidebook will provide a practical approach to EHS risk management from a technology perspective, and look into how companies can use technology to reduce risk and improve EHS outcomesEtQ
The EHS Guidebook: Selecting, Implementing, and Using EHS Software SolutionsCompanies are standardizing their Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) initiatives to protect the workplace and environment, as well as ensure customers' trust and compliance with regulations of every market. In this ebook you will learn the top best practices when choosing an EHS Software, and how to integrate your EHS with a Quality Management System.EtQ
Just the Facts: 8 Popular Misconceptions about LEDs & ControlsLEDs have unique and compelling characteristics that make them ideal for a broad range of general lighting applications, from industrial and commercial to residential. But there are a variety of misconceptions about LEDs, how well they work, how long they last, and more. Download this brief white paper, 8 Popular Misconceptions about LEDs & Controls, to discover the facts and address some common misunderstandings.Digital Lumens
Choosing the Correct Emission Control TechnologyIncreasingly stringent clean air standards and heightened concerns over greenhouse gas emissions are driving technology enhancements in manufacturing and throughout industry. The air pollution control landscape is changing for these manufacturers and those that adapt are seeing the environmental and economic benefits but many questions still remain. Here are some of the straightforward answers.Anguil Environmental Systems
Strategies for a Successful EHS&S Software SelectionAs a sponsor of the report, Enablon is proud to provide you with a complimentary copy of the new National Association of Environmental Management's (NAEM) guide on the best practices & strategies for a successful EMIS software selection.Enablon
Approaches to Managing EHS&S DataNAEM’s latest research report provides a unique behind-the-scenes look at the different approaches companies are using to manage their EHS&S data. Through case studies and interviews with in-house EHS&S leaders you’ll learn about the challenges they faced, how they solved their specific business problems and the lessons they learned along the way.Enablon